Starting a server
Here is some information on some hosting commands! Make sure you have made an account first.. All of the options listen below are in a option="value" format. These can be added to the end of your server hosting command to include additional options. As a default, we'll be using .host iwad="doom2.wad" hostname="My server" gamemode="duel" as a reference, as those three options (iwad and hostname) are required to start a server. When you're done making the host command, simply send it as a message to #AUSDOOM and it should start!
Host Options
Option Description Example
Iwad Adds an IWAD to your server. Each server can only have one IWAD. iwad="doom2.wad"
Hostname Sets the hostname for the server. This is what will appear on the master server list. hostname="Test name"
Gamemode Sets the gamemode for the server. gamemode="coop"
Wad Adds a single, or multiple wad/pk3 files to your server. You can view wad/pk3 files here. wad="firstwad.wad, secondwad.pk3"
Optional Wad Adds a single, or multiple wads/pk3s to your server as optional. Note that these must typically be music, texture or skin packs. optwad="firstwad.wad, secondwad.pk3"
Skill Adjusts the skill of the server. 4 is Nightmare. skill=3
Start Map Sets the map you wish to start from map=map01
Data Enables automatic loading of skulltag content (skulltag_actors.pk3 and skulltag_data.pk3) data=true
Config Loads an uploaded configuration file. You can view configuration files here. config="example.cfg"
Version Sets the server to use a different version. Send .versions to the channel for a list of available versions. version=3.0
DMFlags Sets the dmflags. dmflags=1024
DMFlags2 Sets the dmflags2. dmflags2=1024
ZADMFlags Sets the Zandronum specific dmflags zadmflags=1024
CompatFlags Sets the compatflags compatflags=1024
ZACompatFlags Sets the Zandronum specific compatflags zacompatflags=1024
DMFlags and CompatFlags List
Managing your server
After you've started the server, AUSDbot should send you a private message containing the RCON password of your server. If you'd like to utilize RCON to change more advanced settings around, follow the RCON Guide. If you'd like to retreive your RCON password, simply send this message to IRC: /msg AUSDbot .getinfo <port>. Alternatively, check the website for the RCON/Logfile.