Upon starting a server, AUSDbot will private message (PM) you the RCON password for that server. In order to make use of this RCON password, you will have to join that server, open the console (default is the ` key), and type: send_password your_pass_here. If the password was accepted, an 'Access Granted' message should pop up, otherwise, you may have mistyped the password. It should be noted that you can also copy-paste the password.
Once you have access, any server setting can be changed. You just need to type command in the console, prefixed by 'rcon'. For example, to change the fraglimit to 50, you'd type rcon fraglimit 50. To see the current value of the setting, simply type rcon fraglimit.
When a command's value has spaces, you have to include quotes ("") around it, for example: rcon sv_rconpassword "new password"
Here are a few simple RCON tips to follow:
  • Not all settings will tell you they were changed. They will still be changed.
  • Some changes (such as skill) require a map change to take effect. To do so, type rcon map map01 to change the map. You will also need to re-send the RCON password on a hard map reset.
  • Commands can be autocompleted with the tab key, so you can see a list of commands.
RCON Commands
Please note that although the server started is still yours, you need to abide by a set of rules in order for everyone to enjoy AUSDOOM. These are as follows:
  • If you ever rename your server with sv_hostname, the AUSDOOM tag will remain intact.
  • You may not kick/ban random players for no reason. Each punishment must have a valid reason associated with it. If you find yourself banning a lot of players, consider asking us for help.
  • Please keep sv_cheats off. Keep it fair for everyone.
  • Please don't add bots, they can cause memory leaks. If you're alone, why not invite someone to play with you?
  • Please don't do or host anything horrendously intensive on your server! We all must share the node.
Recovering your password
If you forget your RCON password, you can type /msg AUSDbot .getinfo <port>. If you don't remember your server's port number, you can send .servers <your_username> to #AUSDOOM to see a list of your running servers.