Registration Instructions
  1. Get an IRC client, connect to Zandronum's IRC server:, and join the #AUSDOOM channel.
    If you're unsure on how to connect, or which client to use, you can take a look at Zandronum's IRC guide here.
  2. Type /msg nickserv register <password> <email> if you aren't already registered with NickServ on Zandronum's IRC Network
  3. Check your email, and follow the instructions to finish registering with Zandronum's IRC Network
  4. After you have validated your account, register with AUSDOOM by typing /msg AUSDbot register <password>
  • Please note that you'll need to re-identify each time you connect to IRC. You need to type /msg nickserv identify <username> <password> (using your Zandronum IRC account information) each time you connect
  • Most IRC clients are able to automatically identify with NickServ when set up correctly. If you're unsure how, please lookup instructions on how to do so with your client.