• Do not bypass file bans by uploading similar files.
  • Please refrain from uploading more than a few files at once.
  • No uploading H-Doom or similar.
IRC Channel
  • Please use common sense. Which includes no harassment and ban evasions.
  • Spamming and Advertising is not allowed.
  • Bypassing channel bans may result in a global ban.
Server Playing
  • Please use common sense. Which includes no harassment, ban evasions, exploit abusing and/or hacking.
Server Hosting
Please note that although the server started is still yours, you need to abide by a set of rules in order for everyone to enjoy AUSDOOM.
  • If you ever rename your server with sv_hostname, the AUSDOOM tag will remain intact.
  • You may not kick/ban random players for no reason. Each punishment must have a valid reason associated with it. If you find yourself banning a lot of players, consider asking us for help.
  • Please keep sv_cheats off. Keep it fair for everyone.
  • Please don't add bots, they can cause memory leaks. If you're alone, why not invite someone to play with you?
  • Please don't do or host anything horrendously intensive on your server! We all must share the node.